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Virtual Reality Space
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VR / AR. We use the latest technologies to provide the utmost in terms of business benefit and experience. Discover the tangible advantages of using virtual reality: Experience your future project before you start physically implementing it. See how virtual reality can help you and your business.

VR solutions

Prototype and Present Products in VR

Prototype and Present Products in VR

The Virtuplex allows you to design new commercial or office spaces or prototype and present products as diverse as cars, airplanes, or trams. The advantage of a virtual environment is that you can iterate, improve, and change products quickly and at greatly reduced costs.


Showcase Your Products to the World

Thanks to virtual reality, you can present your products anywhere in the world without moving them from place to place. Customers and business partners from all over the world can thus attend your presentation. Virtual reality also allows you to display your product to your customers in a more interactive way.


Polling Your Target Audience in VR

We’ve partnered with renowned polling agency Ipsos, which means Virtuplex offers the amazing option of having customers test your designs in virtual reality. You can discover how visitors will feel in your new stores; how your employees will find their way around in new offices, or you can set up focus groups on any topic.

Safety first

  • All VR devices are cleaned by UV lamp.
  • We use disposable leather masks for VR headsets
  • A maximum of 5 people can be in the hall at the same time
  • All Virtuplex premises are cleaned and disinfected every 24 hours
  • The body temperature is checked at the entrance to the hall
  • Disinfection of your hands and wearing mask or gloves is mandatory inside the hall
  • We ventilate the premises every 30 minutes
  • We have an "open" meeting room available for clients

Virtuplex OS

Through our Virtuplex OS platform, you can meet and collaborate with people anywhere around the world. Hold business meetings where people can remotely interact with 3D objects, or you can simulate dangerous or crisis situations.

Work with People Anywhere Around the World

Through the Virtuplex OS platform, you can meet and collaborate with your co-workers, business partners, customers, and suppliers remotely in virtual reality.

Remote Business Meetings While Virtually Interacting with 3D Objects

VR as a tool for remote business meetings has a number of advantages. We can use it for presentations of products that cannot be easily transported to meetings. It’s also possible to interact and remotely invite a consultant, technical support, or anyone else needed into the VR environment.

Safely Simulate a Dangerous or Crisis Situation.

Training for and simulating dangerous and crisis situations in virtual reality can help companies in a myriad of ways. It saves time, improves the experience and skills of the trainee, reduces training costs, and offers the possibility of preparing for situations that cannot be fully simulated in reality.

The largest virtual reality hall for commerciall use in the world

We are the first choice for everyone who wants to use virtual reality to grow their business. Virtuplex was established under the auspices of Etnetera in 2018. It came about as a result of our experience with the development and application of VR, which revealed new business opportunities.

Today, we are the largest virtual reality hall for commerciall use in the world. The space can be adapted to designing a specific solution for your business using virtual reality. We have state-of-the-art technologies and knowledge that allows us to simulate the future of your business, be it production or office spaces; creating a space for your business meetings; or to offer a platform to effectively train your employees all over the world.

Our goal is to offer our customers a wide range of devices. We use the XTAL headset from VRgineers, the VIVE Pro from HTC, the Rift and Quest from Oculus, and a HP Reverb high-end professional headset with 4K resolution.

Up to 600 m2 of VR space

Multi-user up to 5 people

300 m2 of backstage space

Our Partners Are Not Virtual

We work with renowned partners so we can always offer our customers the latest technologies and methods.

We Live a Virtual Reality

The Virtuplex team consists of 20 professionals from various areas: from sales through marketers and developers. We have immense experience in content creation, software programming, and working with hardware.


Martin Petrovická

Martin Petrovický
CEO & Co-Founder

Pavel Novák

Pavel Novák
Business Director & Co-Founder

Lenka Kriššáková

Lenka Kriššáková
Head of Operations

We Have Successfully Used Virtual Reality in Many Fields

The clients that have cooperated with Virtuplex run the gamut from small Czech start-ups to large international corporations.

Be Visible

Virtuplex is regularly visited by journalists from the Czech and foreign media who report about projects and customers that extend the boundaries of the possible when using our technologies. Every single assignment and project is unique.


We will be happy to give you a tour of Virtuplex and discuss your problems and needs.


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